Who We Are

First Travel Agency provides all tourism and travel services such as flight, hotel suites, villas bookings, renting cars, trains, SPA treatment, English language schools, visa services, international driving licenses, Travel insurance and other several services provided to our customers either individuals or companies.

Moreover, we also marked by special section to serve VIPs, Royal family members around the hour and over days of week to implement and follow up our elite customers’ bookings including private jet, luxury yachts, bodyguards, private islands rent and other services with elite’s related nature.

Our Mission

Our mission varies from place to another and from time to another but we generally work under one umbrella of commitment in all places and during all times. This commitment is to maintain 5 rights perfectly while taking any decision or extending any service:

  • Customer’s Rights
  • Staff’s Rights
  • Supplier’s Rights
  • Company’s Rights
  • Country’s Rights

While all should be handled based on God’s satisfaction.

Our Vision

  1. To seize the tremendous technology revolution to adapt it to meet all kinds and needs of our esteemed customers
  2. To extend frequent training to qualify our man power team to reach to the most satisfaction level of our esteemed customer’s satisfaction
  3. To build strategic partnership with different partners to enable our customers to enjoy services from those partners